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This site is devoted to the memory of Sergei Grigorievich Roman.

We will be grateful if you submit a few words. And, if possible, photographs! We also invite you to participate in the memorial fund.

Recent additions:

  • The memorial fund has been organized. An announcement will soon be broadcast.
  • Now you can help the family of Sergei Grigorievich.


  • The collection of photographs has regularly been added to.
  • An obituary (Russian only) from Moscow school 57. To read the obituary, you will have to change the language.
  • Excerpts from the correspondence with several former students of Sergei Grigorievich have been presented by Dmitry Kleinbock and Simon Hawkin (both grad. 1984).
  • Dmitry Kleinbock has submitted a Russian text of a song, written by Sergei Grigorievich, from a performance by the class.
  • Sergei Trifonov has sent a contribution in Russian. You will have to change the language to read it.

    Please look at a few other sites:

  • Most recently, Sergei Grigorievich worked at the famous Moscow math school 57.
  • A web site for one of Sergei Grigorievich's math classes, school 179, grad. 1984.
  • Sergei Grigorievich worked in several other mathematical schools (179, 345). One of his former students, A. Kirillov (grad. 1984), maintains a list of alumni of Moscow math schools. There are also separate lists for a few schools as well as a master list of lists.

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